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St. Louisans know a great work of art when they see it, and there is a place to find it. Immerse yourself in art culture as a Saint Louis "artistic torch is on display in museums and galleries of all sizes and themes. Art lovers can also enjoy a host of beautiful artworks while strolling through the city's many galleries and art galleries, from the Museum of Fine Arts to the Art Institute of Missouri. You can come across a variety of works of art that come to life, such as the state-of-the-art gallery art that is secretly rampant in the City Museum, or a collection of works by local artists such as Robert Rauschenberg.

Art Saint Louis reserves the right to use any digital images submitted for jury exhibitions, including, but not limited to, email and web use and social media. Art in SaintLouis reserves the right to install any accepted work in an exhibition that is considered well conceived, as well as any artist who has installed a work in one of the exhibitions. The art on display tends to be a combination of 2- and 3D art, and a large part of the three-dimensional works are ceramics, with materials and approaches that are consistently innovative and unexpected.

Art in Saint Louis is a non-profit artist organization that relies on voluntary support to present its exhibitions. Membership in Art SaintLouis is open to all and is not required to view or evaluate your works in an exhibition. To download the membership brochure or join the art in Saint Louis, visit its website (PayPal accepted) or contact it at 314 - 888 - 5555.

We have created this guide to help you discover art in the various art communities you live in or visit if you plan to visit them. Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find this very useful if you click on "Art Gallery Guide" at the top of the navigation and you will find a list of art galleries, museums, galleries and galleries in Saint Louis, Missouri.

If you have a passion for art and need a great place to exhibit your art, you will discover new artists and you can turn to galleries directly or buy this art. If you are interested in or looking for art, there are art galleries and arts organizations in Missouri. Founded and built in 2013 to connect St. Louis and regional artists with an audience, it features professionally staffed group exhibitions showcasing the best of the region's contemporary visual arts. Wine connoisseurs love to promote artists, and we have created a list of wine galleries, museums and galleries in Saint Louis, Missouri for those who love wine and wine.

There is a rotating schedule - based art, often curated by Cinema St. Louis. This art gallery offers a wide range of art by local, regional and international artists as well as local artists from all over the world.

The main attraction in Forest Park is the St. Louis Museum of Natural History, the largest art collection in Missouri. It includes over 1,000 works by more than 100 artists from around the world and distributes loans and teaching materials.

The Foundry Art Centre is a great place to buy the works of local and national artists, and there are also galleries that exhibit their various media. Here you will find affordable art and the affordability that allows artists to create and develop. It is a popular destination for art lovers from across the Midwest, attracting more than half a million people each year. This is perhaps one of the city's secret strengths: it has a variety of craft beer and wine establishments, as well as a wine shop.

A few blocks from the tranquility of the Citygarden, you can enter a museum made entirely of recycled pieces. More than 80 works of contemporary art meet nature, and the gallery houses some of the city's most popular artists, as well as a variety of local and national artists. Uniquely conceived as a hybrid of a gallery and café, this space is the only Mississippi home café of its kind, making it a favorite destination for art lovers from across the country.

This not-for-profit organization is also home to the world-famous Sheldon Concert Hall, built in 1912. Non - Collecting, rotating exhibitions, event-oriented programming and a variety of events, including the annual St. Louis Art Festival and the St. Louis Film Festival, among others.

The Art of Saint Louis opening reception is a cultural mainstay in downtown St. Louis and is accompanied by a comprehensive viewing and discussion of the works of artists and their works. You can find the latest information on art and culture in St. in the STL Arts App or on the museum's Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram, as well as on its YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for our weekly art news, events, reviews and more

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