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The Missouri Sports Hall of Fame will inaugurate former Saint Louis University basketball coach John Halliburton on Saturday, January 20, at a ceremony at the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Hall Oiler, and head coach of Billiken's football and basketball teams for over 40 years, Hall Petroton has led both Billiken's men's and women's teams to more than 500 victories.

The team was the strongest in the CCHA, and SLU has made it to the championship six times and the national championship four times. He was part of the 1965 squad that qualified for the NCAA tournament and advanced to the College World Series.

The Billikens won their first MACHA Gold Championship in 2011 and rolled through the Atlantic 10 tournament as No. They received a big offer for the tournament this season and advanced to the Central Region qualifiers before falling to Michigan State University in the first round of the NCAA tournament. SLU Hockey went 1-2 in pool play and failed to advance, and Michigan State University would claim the national championship.

The Billikens were also affected by the NCAA's major reorganization, making their way into Conference USA, which was created by the merger of Metro and the Great Midwest Conferences. In 2013, DePaul and Marquette left the Big East Conference and became the No 7 team at the heart of a reconfigured Big West Conference. Saint Louis could leave C-USA in time for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons, but not for the 2016-17 season.

Charlotte, which came to the A10 after SLU, will return to the US in 2016 after a football program in 2010 and become one of four schools now playing football. The program has been moved to Chaifetz Arena on the eastern edge of campus, and Billikens is home to NCAA Division I I was doing sports in my new home of the University of St. Louis.

SLU is currently playing its basketball games at the Scottrade Center and is currently working on the construction of a new, state-of-the-art 1,000-seat basketball arena that will bring games to the new facility that would serve as the home of Billikens and women's basketball teams and football. The Cougars are expected to play Eastern Illinois on January 11 and St. Louis on December 31, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on February 1.

Richmond will probably be the favourite to win the A10 in the pre-season, but don't be too surprised if St Louis is on the list you'll see next season. Although SLU is only narrowly behind Richmond, it shouldn't be too surprised if the Cougars advance to the NCAA tournament.

Second, Saint Louis is an eternal football powerhouse that has a tradition of recruiting and coaching elite players. The Billikens set a school record for wins with a 30-26-1 slate, and in 2006 the Billiken Baseball team won its first-ever Atlantic 10 regular-season title by winning the Atlantic-10 tournament. In addition to the record, they also set records in men's and women's basketball, baseball and football.

Saint Louis is 7-1 this season, all wins against Division I opponents, and has not been an underdog in any game all season. La Salle is 5-5, but the Explorers picked up wins over Lincoln, Drexel and Delaware this year and are currently in the top 10 of the Atlantic-10 Conference regular season. Saint Louis is winless this season and underdogs in no game this week, including the home opener.

SIUE is ranked 226 in the nation in games involving 356 Division I teams, including the Ivy League, which has already canceled its season. SIUE has begun to meet a time constraint to play a full regular season, with three games postponed due to the required games in January, February and March due to the NCAA tournament eligibility requirement of at least one non-conference game in each of the first three weeks of a season so that a game can be played in a conference with a regular-season record of 10 - 0.SIue Has started to crack a time to play a full regular season since three games have been postponed for games in February, February 1-3, March 2-4 and April 4-5.

The Ohio Valley Conference has already announced it has a contingency plan for the league tournament if a full regular season cannot be played. The Ohio Valley Conference, however, has already announced that it has no contingency plans for a league playoff game because of the NCAA tournament eligibility requirement of at least one non-conference game in each of the first three weeks of a season, so a game with a regular-season record of 10-0 cannot be played.

After Tuesday's game against Eastern Illinois was postponed due to league protocol (COVID 19), SIUE and the Ohio Valley Conference decided that Saturday's home game at Murray State will not be on the schedule either. After it was announced that Tuesday's game against Eastern Illinois was postponed due to conference protocol (COVID19), both SIue and the Ohio League Conference have decided that Saturday's "home game" against Murray State will also be postponed due to league protocol (COID 19), although SIUE & OHVAC will not be playing Saturday's "home game" against Murray State as planned.

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