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This is my favorite hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, although it doesn't have a club or lounge, it is still one of the best hotels in town with a great atmosphere. Inside, you will find stylish hotel rooms and suites, which feature a variety of amenities including a fully equipped bar, dining area and seating area. You will enjoy a double room with two bathrooms, connected to the hotel's full-service gym and spa, giving you the opportunity to stay connected. It has its own dining room, private shower and shower, a spacious living room and a large kitchen with its own sink.

Choosing the right hotel will also allow you time to relax by the pool and spa, as well as in the gym and spa with fitness centre.

To call the hotel for a status update on the progress of construction is a must - for those of you who are at work. In the 24-hour StayFit (tm) of our hotel you can recharge your batteries and enjoy the view from our roof terrace. Active travelers can keep fit with cardio equipment and free weights in our spacious fitness center, and swim in both indoor and outdoor pools. Enjoy the views from the rooftop pool and spa, as well as the spa and fitness center, and explore the beautiful views of St. Louis, Missouri and the Mississippi River. is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan travel website with a strong focus on customer service and integrity. We publish and moderate all comments and comments on our website to comply with our guidelines, and archive older reviews (reviewed for up to 36 months) to keep them relevant to your upcoming trip.

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We invite you to experience warm hospitality during your next stay at this memorable Missouri hotel. Join us as we pay homage to the European heritage of St. Louis with our curated guest experiences. Click here for more information about the Saint Louis Missouri Hyatt Hotel and our other hotels in the region.

Attend a baseball game at Busch Stadium, enjoy the panoramic views or watch the Cardinals, Blues or Rams play on a large HDTV or DIRECTV Sports package. Visit the St. Louis Museum of Natural History, the Missouri State Museum, take a tram ride to the Arch, visit the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, view the tickets that complete the BusCh Stadium bases, or attend the BusCH Stadium baseball games.

The hotel's experienced planners can help you coordinate all the details so you can focus on your next big idea or take you on your honeymoon. You can book on the Hyatt website or book online, but they are also available at the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Bureau and at local hotels. Allow our experienced concierge to help you tour popular attractions, including tickets to the St. Louis Arch, and plan your evening in town before the email. Allow our hotels - experienced concierges to help you visit popular attractions (including tickets) or plan your evenings out of town We have experienced concierges at our hotel who will help you plan your evening in the city and visit popular attractions, including the StLouis Arch.

Guests can enjoy 24-hour room service and a snack in one of the hotel's restaurants and bars.

The Regency Club is also a restored part of the station and is superb, while the regular rooms are in the new building and cause little excitement, although the public space is great. Platinum Marriott Bonvoy members have access to the excellent Club Lounge, but can also book a Club Level Room to gain access.

Travellers should pay attention to the construction when booking and be careful, inspect the rooms in advance and check for updated rooms before staying at the hotel. The current renovation addresses this issue, but renovations are being carried out at this stage, so travelers need to be careful and request an updated room before committing to a hotel stay, or they may not.

In some rooms dogs can be left unattended, so don't be surprised when you check in. If dogs are alone in a room, the dog concierge will arrange for a pet to be assigned to you - friendly room and the housekeeping will provide a dog leash, collar, dog food and water if available.

Find your inner balance program for your workout and finish it with a full body workout at the St. Louis Hyatt Hotel in downtown Saint Louis.

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